Boju Store

Promoting Local

Organic Products

Boju Store began as a online side hustle in 2020 to promote and market organic products from farmers of eastern nepal. Where Kirat foods such as Kinema and Yangben became our main product. Later, our menu increased, we began collecting and marketing items from independent farmers all around Nepal.

What We Do

Our Mission and Vision at BOJU STORE

We promote organic yet quality products from farmers all around Nepal. At the same time working to revive Kirat food culture. Also creating employment opportunities for female inmates by providing materials for weaving woolen sweaters and caps, and dhaka products.

Supporting aid for their menstrual health and hygiene by providing sanitary pads, period panties, and hygiene products from a portion of our profit.

Boju Store works hard to preserve and raise awareness of ethnic recipes and cuisines of Kirat communities. Our mission includes: To support local farmers by creating sustainable market for their home grown products. To support female convicts by creating working environment after completing their sentenced year(s).

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Why Buy Our Products?

Quality Local Products

Our products are all natural local community products and are of the finest quality.

All Natural Products

Our products are all natural and does not contain any artificial preservatives. The products consists of local herbs from High Himalayas to Terai lowlands.

Contributing towards community

Our products are manufactured/ produced by local community people which is helping community to commercialize the local products.

Express Delivery

We do same day delivery or deliveries at your preferred time.

We love our cilents

Prompting local organic products from east and west of Nepal along with embracing diverse culture of the country. We at Boju Store help to serve those shadowed local foods and bring it to your platters.