Homemade Cow Ghee

Homemade Cow Ghee

Rs. 1800

Traditionally made by the bojus (grandmothers) in the serene villages of Taplejung, our ghee is derived from cows that graze on the green pastures of the Himalayas.

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Local homemade cow ghee of Taplejung.
Cows fed only on green grass.

Health benefits of Cow Ghee
– Promotes digestion
-Protects arteries
-Increase bone density
-Improve immunity
-Improve eye health
-Improve bone development
-Balance weight
-Provide nourishment
-Promote healthy pregnancy
-Healing of wounds
-Boost mental health & reduce stress

Prompting local organic products from east and west of Nepal along with embracing diverse culture of the country. We at Boju Store help to serve those shadowed local foods and bring it to your platters.